Another Road-a novel

Here you have another Great American Novel.  I wrote it when I was living the business life in New York City, struggling with the friction between corporate and personal values.  I plan to rewrite the first part to make the heroine a little less obnoxious.

Sara, a New York City businesswoman embarks on an affair with her client who reveals he is starting a new company and wants Sara to work very closely with him and his partner.  Sara has a penchant for younger men and falls in love with Johnny, ten years her junior. Despite their deepening personal and professional relationship, Sara and Johnny each keep important information secret from each other.

That’s how it begins.  After that, the keywords are:  high profile technology women Buddhists; “spiritual” Israeli product revealed as evil not mankind’s salvation;   a love affair consecrated in Martha’s Vineyard;  heroine dissolves relationship to product and lover; retreats to former lover in Israel;  product enjoys worldwide success without her;  flawed hero support doubts himself; Buddhist women reveal flaws in  technology allowing; hero and heroine to be reunited in Paris but tragedy strikes, releasing the company into women’s control; good triumphs, evil is vanquished.

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