After a Lahore birth, a Pakistan childhood, boarding schools in Kashmir, India and England, years in Australia and Israel, I came to the United States. My two children were born in London and Canberra and they are now parents of my two grandchildren who live nearby.   A Ph.D. In psychology led me to a career in market research which I followed with what now seems a rather baffling dedication and intensity.

In 1999, I sold my loft in Manhattan and without much thought or planning, followed some innate sense to Mattituck on the North Fork of Long Island where I live a bucolic life as much as I can behind an orange door in the woods, casting an evil eye on the zealous developers and unenlightened zoning laws.  After decades in corporate corridors and cubicles, hundreds of focus groups and thousands of frequent flyer miles, I now pause instead of hyperventilating, travel to destinations instead of markets, count time by the seasons instead of fiscal quarters and watch the rise and fall of the trees instead of the ticker tape.  I now interview people not for clients but for my program on an independent radio station and write blogs instead of reports.  It is a good life in which I am doing what comes naturally.

These pictures contain thousands and thousands of words…and these documents hold a family’’s history across generations and continents.

(Photograph:  Gianna Volpe photo courtesy of the Suffolk Times)