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Human Rights Day: Bill Hass

On December 10, 1948,  at the United Nations General Assembly, Eleanor Roosevelt was the first to proclaim to the world the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  On Human Rights Day sixty-six years later, Bill Hass, United Nations veteran and president … View full post

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Dougald Hine: Dark Mountain

“The end of the world as we know it is not the end of the world full stop,” says Dougald Hine, speaking from Sweden via Skype.  Dougald, named by The Guardian as one of Britain’s fifty new radicals,  is best known for … View full post

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Writing letters (Part II): a conversation with Clare Wigfall

Clare Wigfall, Berlin-based British author of the novel The Loudest Sound and Nothing, and I continue the conversation, begun with Storyacious editor Jenny Bhatt, about handwritten letters, how email can never take their place and how difficult it is, in these … View full post

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Tipping: do I have to?

Full disclosure. I don’t think tipping is a good thing and I don’t like what it does to people. I also believe that hardly anybody except for a few scattered bloggers will agree with me.  You can read my views … View full post

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Reflections on a passport

Do you know where your passport is?  Listen and you’ll hear my personal reflections along with what my son, grandson and two friends have told me about their feelings about their passports.  Could my neurotic feelings be a legacy from … View full post

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Nora Kramer and YEA Camp

Our society trains people to become teachers or athletes or plumbers but Nora Kramer, activist and animal rights worker, argues we should also be training youth to become activists–and explains how Youth Empowered Action (YEA) Camp does just that.

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