Making sense of a world in crisis: part 1: John Daido Loori and Peter Russell


In this first of a three-part series, two conversations: the first, with John Daido Loori (1931-2009), founder of Zen Mountain Monastery in upstate New York, who analyses our current global crisis from a Zen Buddhist perspective;  the second, with Peter Russell, a writer … View full post

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Natalie Vie: Latina, fencer, activist, yogi, supersonic nava


Natalie Vie is a Latina and a US Team fencer, sculptor, yogi and immigration and civil rights activist.  Within a historical context of segregation and minority consciousness in the Southwest, Natalie builds a vivid picture of what it means to grow … View full post

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Avigail Abarbanel: “Liberate our language!”

Avigail Abarbanel

Israel-born and -bred psychotherapist and activist, Avigail Abarbanel, brings her psychological expertise to analyze how changing the language we use can fundamentally alter the way we understand human and geopolitical relationships, with particular reference to Israel’s settler-colonialism in Palestine. This conversation is a … View full post

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Being Rastamon artists in Jamaica

These Tidings come to you from Jamaica where I spent time with two artists in their family “yard”or compound in Oracabessa.  You’ll hear Rani Carson talk about her journey from growing up Jewish to becoming a Rasta artist.              Ras Ibrak, … View full post

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Tom Scovel: linguist, author, Third Culture Kid

Photo courtesy Pat Sheafor (2016)

In this very personal Tidings, Tom Scovel and I swap stories about our boarding school days in India and what growing up as Third Culture Kids meant to each of us: for Tom born and raised in China (which he’s … View full post

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Very old film: refugees during 1947 India-Pakistan partition

Rare video showing refugees reaching Lahore’s  Wagha border on trains, bullocks and Lahore Omnibus Service during the  1947 partition war.  These were Muslims forced to flee India because what was formerly India had now been partitioned by the British into primarily Hindu India and Muslim Pakistan, … View full post

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