Moving sets you in motion

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This, my third Tidings program (broadcast in 2008) was based on actual notes from the journal I kept during my move from Manhattan to Mattituck (1999) after which I shared my odyssey during conversations with three others who described the upheaval and the uplifting experiences of their moves. … View full post

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Moving sets you in motion

 I’m thinking of moving. I’ve set myself in motion. It’s a very big move. It’s the doing of it that’s big, not so much the getting there or being there. It’s pulling up eleven years of roots and hoping not … View full post

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Jen Marlowe: activist, author, filmmaker

Tidings Feb11, 2015

Jen Marlowe, a tireless and imaginative social justice activist, with a lifelong commitment to fight for human rights wherever in the world she sees them abused, uses whatever medium, device, initiatives or creations, for her numerous “donkeysaddle” projects that she … View full post

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Writing letters (Part I): a conversation with Jenny Bhatt


This is the first of a two-part series on the art, craft and practice of letter writing.  An avid letter writer myself, I invited Jenny Bhatt, a kindred spirit and editor of Storyacious, a fine new literary magazine in which … View full post

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North Fork Works 2015

Links to North Fork Works programs 2012, 2013 and 2014 and to Southold Historical Society to learn about the North Fork’s past and present.   Stephanie Maria Horton, born and raised in Greenport, talks about her life and work as a scrapper and recycler of scrap metal … View full post

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Happy New Year 2015

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