North Fork Works 2015

Links to North Fork Works programs 2012, 2013 and 2014 and to Southold Historical Society to learn about the North Fork’s past and present.     Dave Dominy lives in Cutchogue and talks about his North Fork life as a recreational hunter, a carpenter and a member of Southold Town Deer … View full post

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Christopher Bollen on “Orient” the mystery novel

Christopher Bollen does not live and work on the North Fork but you wouldn’t know it from his book Orient, a dark mystery novel set in the hamlet of Orient among intrigue, politics, tension and murders. Cameo appearance by Beth Young. Listen to this North Fork Works program … View full post

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Jenny Nordberg: The Underground Girls of Kabul

Jenny Nordberg talks about her just published and most fascinating book The Underground Girls of Kabul: in search of a hidden resistance in Afghanistan. The book tells her discovery of bacha posh, a secret, hidden practice in which parents disguise … View full post

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Christopher Calderhead: calligrapher, author, teacher

Christopher Calderhead, a very well-known New York City-based calligrapher, author and teacher talks about the history, practice and philosophy of calligraphy, from before the advent of the printing press to the contemporary tradition of graffiti. (Broadcast on WPKN radio on … View full post

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Shireen Pasha, Pakistani documentary filmmaker

Shireen Pasha is a notable documentary film maker and head of the film department of Pakistan’s National College of Arts. We sat together in Lahore after coming back from South Punjab where we’d gone to document the rebuilding and resettling … View full post

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Danika Padilla: activist

Danika Padilla,18-year old homeschooled activist, recently back in the US after five months of activism in Palestine, describes what she witnessed and experienced of life under Israeli occupation. (Produced by Tony Ernst and broadcast on WPKN on May 13, 2015.)

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