Emily Dickinson

A summer or two ago, I visited Emily’s homestead in Amherst, Massachusetts, took leaves from her garden and mingled them with her verse to make a new series of leafages.

Here is an excerpt from “The Diary of Emily Dickinson” integrated into a leaf from one of the flower beds in her garden.

This is  “Emily’s Leaves of Enchantment”  and the verse comes from her poem “Exhilaration is the Breeze” This framed original is available as are other Emily leafages.

And here is “Emily’s Heaven”, the bloodroot leaf from her garden unable to contain the short poem that begins: “Who has not found the Heaven below…”

\\Although I no longer have any of her leaves left, I can find other leaves to make a leafage for you from your favorite Emily Dickinson poem.  I’ll be delighted to talk about this with you.