My favorite leaves

As I work on my leafages I return again and again to four leaves–all of them from trees with ancient roots, myths, powers and legends.

Olive trees have provided nourishment and livelihood to centuries of Mediterranean people through their fruit and their oil.   Although some of these noble trees are a thousand years old, today their existence is under threat in the land of Palestine.

The Noble Oliveis one of series of four prints, made from pressed olive leaves and painted olives.  All four prints are available.

Grape leaves and vines reappear every spring in many colors and shapes in the vineyards and hedgerows where I live.  Wine is not only an integral part of our meals and our friendships today but has graced our rituals through the generations.

This is a wine label was  commissioned by a small private winemaker in California.

Bodhi leaves (ficus religiosa) come from the Bo-tree under whose shade the Buddha is said to have gained enlightenment.  I have collected these leaves in India, Burma, Israel, Florida and California.  Their shape reminds me of a temple.

This is an early piece that uses pressed as well as skeletonized bodhi leaves.  It is the leafages version of  the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism. (The Four Noble Truths  original is available for sale.)

Ginkgo is among the oldest of all trees. I have collected these hardy, stubborn leaves from a tree in my garden and from the streets of New York City.  Ginkgo trees harbor curative powers in their exotic, fan-shaped leaves.

This leafage (Ginkgo Illuminated)
is sitting in the middle of Mexican gods around my fireplace. It is a one-of-one original, real leaf, embellished with hand-painted flames and roots and my calligraphy.