Passing Through Ports

Seems I can’t get passports out of my mind.  Same with writing letters, the subject of an upcoming two-part Tidings radio program (March 12 and April 16).

My travel essay, “Passing through Ports” has just been published by, a new literary magazine out of California.  Salut to high quality writing, long form and all!

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2 Responses to Passing Through Ports

  1. Pat says:

    Loved it! I wish I could be so brave.

  2. judith says:

    it’s taken me til now, to actually read this, and to be stopped in my tracks. I left this comment on the storyacious site — but shoulda left it here:

    a writer, you are indeed, Hazel.

    Is this about not belonging, where we belong? And belonging, where we don’t. Whichever … loving the loosened tethers, must take lifetimes — our own, and those who’ve gone on before us. The acute pain, and acute freedom of separation surely doesn’t happen over night. Takes work. And hats off, that you’ve worked it. As Jung would have it, you’ve held the tension of the opposites. Namaste

    And is there more?

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