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Budding new leafages project

For a daring new leafages project made possible by the leather-like quality of this most noble of leaves.

Collected writings of Hermann Selzer

My father (1909-2007) was a prolific and determined writer.  He believed our family story and his own life were important and must be remembered.  His memoirs, documents and photographs archived at the Leo Baeck Institute in New York.

Staubkorn im Sandsturm

“Staubkorn im Sandsturm” is the unpublished German-language novel my father wrote in 1944-45 while we were interned in the Satara Internment and Parole Camp. I have translated it into English as “Stations of Loss.” View full post

Baron Omar Rolf von Ehrenfels

Omar Rolf Ehrenfels (1901-1980) was an Austrian who converted to Islam and found himself interned with us in the Satara Internment & Parole Center in India.  He was a gifted painter and we were lucky that he wanted to do  these … View full post

Links to ancient family films

Films of our family in 1960 right before and after Danny was born.  My parents had given Keir and me a movie camera for a wedding present. Warning: these films are only interesting if you know Danny, Keir, Iain  or … View full post