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Very old film: refugees during 1947 India-Pakistan partition

Rare video showing refugees reaching Lahore’s  Wagha border on trains, bullocks and Lahore Omnibus Service during the  1947 partition war.  These were Muslims forced to flee India because what was formerly India had now been partitioned by the British into primarily Hindu India and Muslim Pakistan, … View full post

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Freud’s couch

Yusuf and the story of Batir

Yusuf’s story is relatively simple: before 1967, Batir was in Jordan. After the Six Day War, it became part of Israel’s occupied territories. Until two years ago, Yusuf was able to move and work between Batir and Israel. Today, Batir … View full post

Beggars and begging on blog

Like tipping, the subject of another early Tidings program, begging creates an unequal relationship between giver and receiver, an unbalanced one-way exchange with the amount of money transferred depending on the generosity and intentions of the donor with the receiver having … View full post

Christopher Bollen on “Orient” the mystery novel

Christopher Bollen does not live and work on the North Fork but you wouldn’t know it from his book Orient, a dark mystery novel set in the hamlet of Orient among intrigue, politics, tension and murders. Cameo appearance by Beth Young. Listen to this North Fork Works program … View full post

My most recent 2paragraphs

At the invitation of Joe Mackin, I will be back writing pieces for 2paragraphs which is an important site for you to know about, if you don’t already. You can find my latest as well as earlier pieces in my 2paragraphs portfolio

There’s no such place as home


A personal story in which my two school friends, Midge and Pat, talk about being Third Culture Kids and our life growing up in India and Pakistan and at Woodstock School in Mussoorie. RIP Midge, we love you and miss … View full post

When Jews Found Refuge in Pakistan

Growing Up Jewish in Lahore — And in an Internment Camp COURTESY OF HAZEL KAHAN Not Your Typical German Anti-Nazis: From left, Hazel Kahan, her mother Kate, and her brother Michael, in Lahore, Pakistan, in 1948.   By Gabe Friedman Published October … View full post

The Other Pakistan

The Other Pakistan by VIOLET SNOW on Aug 25, 2014 • 4:00 pmNo Comments Dr. Kate and Dr. Hermann Selzer in Rome, 1935 Hazel Kahan was born in Lahore, Pakistan, the daughter of two Jewish physicians who fled Europe in 1937 to escape burgeoning anti-Semitism. … View full post

Sister Margaret Smyth

Sister Margaret Smyth, talks about how she became a nun, started and built the North Fork Spanish Apostolate in Riverhead and Greenport.  She  gives us an intimate and current look at the many challenges–and triumphs in the Hispanic community, including  … View full post

Afghan teenagers speak out about US troops

Global Days of Listening is the project of Afghan Peace Volunteers (APV) who invite people around the world to talk directly on the 21st of each month via livestream and Skype sessions with youth in Afghanistan and other war-torn countries, to listen … View full post

My own private letter writer

Now a dying species, letter writers were a staple of Lahore culture when I was growing; they were literate and multilingual in a society where the majority was illiterate.  Despite the competition from technology and literacy, letter writers still survive, … View full post

Dave Berson on Greenport

Dave Berson’s life takes its meaning from Greenport. He wouldn’t want to live anywhere else, even though it’s often a tough life.  In the summer, he operates Glory, a solar-powered boat which provides excursions around Peconic Bay for visitors and educational classes … View full post

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Yusuf’s Story–first broadcast in October, 2006


Listen here for Yusuf’s Story broadcast in 2006 Yusuf’s story is relatively simple: before 1967, Batir was in Jordan. After the Six Day War, it became part of Israel’s occupied territories. Until two years ago, Yusuf was able to move and work … View full post