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Moving sets you in motion

This, my third Tidings program (broadcast in 2008) was based on actual notes from the journal I kept during my move from Manhattan to Mattituck (1999) after which I shared my odyssey during conversations with three others who described the upheaval and the uplifting experiences of their moves. … View full post

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The end of the world–again? Interview with John Hill, Jungian analyst

John Hill, notable Jungian analyst, at the International School of Analytical Psychology  in Zurich, Switzerland, talks about apocalyptic psychology in the context of worldwide response to  the Mayan calendar’s “end of world” predictions. Despite the fact that these predictions have always … View full post

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Rob Hopkins: Transition Towns Movement

Rob Hopkins, founder of the Transition Network, talks about an international movement of community-led response to climate change, resource depletion and fossil fuels.  Embraced by communities in  34 countries, including 130 (so far) in the US, the Transition model provides a sustainable  blueprint … View full post

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Medea Benjamin on drones and drone warfare

Medea Benjamin, co-founder of CODEPINK and Global Exchange, discusses her new book Drone Warfare: Killing by Remote Control, her recent delegation to Pakistan to express solidarity with the Pakistani people and to protest US drone strikes, the numerous legal, moral and … View full post

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Credo: Beyond Tribal Loyalties

“Once you know, once you no longer have the luxury of ignorance, you have to take a stand.”  – Mother, peaceful protester and protagonist of Just Vision’s new film series  Home Front: Portraits from Sheikh Jarrah My thoughts exactly–as reflected in “An … View full post

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North Fork Works: why?

Because I live on the North Fork of the east end of Long Island and because I wanted to record conversations with my neighbors on this unusual spit of land surrounded by water and woods and vineyards that we share. … View full post

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