There’s no such place as home


A personal story in which my two school friends, Midge and Pat, talk about being Third Culture Kids and our life growing up in India and Pakistan and at Woodstock School in Mussoorie.

RIP Midge, we love you and miss you.

Here’s the blog post from February, 2010.


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4 Responses to There’s no such place as home

  1. Elizabeth Dixon says:

    My Mother attended Woodstock School in the early 1900,s. My grandparents were missionaries in the NW Frontier so the children were abls to go to the school for a little while. I would be interested to know if any record of their school attendance still existed.
    My mother’s name was Irene Norwood

  2. Awais Ahmed says:

    Hazel Kahan I read about you, I was astonished to read that Jews ever existed in Pakistan, otherwise I can see in my people here in Pakistan a lot of hatred and hostile sentiments against jews, which really hurts because I believe in universal human values.
    But I am hopeful for a better tomorrow for my country.

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