Tidings from leafages

Earlier this year Alon Goshen-Gottstein, my father’s neighbor in Jerusalem who also became my friend, asked if I would make one of my leafages for an upcoming gathering–Friendship across Religions–of world religious leaders being planned in Oxford by his Elijah Interfaith Institute.  It was for a book cover, he said.  But I didn’t know it had also been made into a large wall hanging, with pride of place in the five-day meeting until he surprised me with these pictures, proving once again that pictures tell a story words never can.  Many thanks to Pascal Carlier, Pesach Stadlin and Yuval Sherlow.  More on Elijah’s video.  (Repetitions from the leafage section are deliberate and come from enthusiasm, not carelessness!)

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3 Responses to Tidings from leafages

  1. Doug Echols says:

    What a wonderful story of your creativity and it’s life.

  2. Barbara Lee says:

    Hazel, your work became part of their message — how great to see such different people sharing the same space. Barbara

  3. judith says:

    can’t believe I’ve only just looked at this. How beautiful, Hazel, and how wonderfully well it scales up that way. Must be very pleasing for you that it’s in with that mix of people in that place — would that there were more gatherings of that ilk around the world. Perhaps there are.

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