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Hirsh Sawhney: author, professor, editor

Harsh Sawhney, author

Hirsh Sawhney talks about his new novel South Haven, set in an imagined suburb of Connecticut and published by Akashic Books. The conversation ranges from this very local story to the immigrant, Indian and transnational cultures that Sawhney and his writings also inhabit. (Broadcast on WPKN May 11 , 2016)

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Tom Rawinski, botanist and conservationist


Tom Rawinski is a botanist with the USDA Forest Service in Durham, New Hampshire. Specializing in the impact of the overabundant white-tailed deer population on native vegetation in America’s northeast region, he is committed to protecting our ecosystem through wildlife … View full post

Why isn’t healthcare a human right?


India’s Dr. Sara Bhattacharji is talking about the philosophy and principles behind the community health clinic she runs in Vellore, Tamil Nadu and where I visited her in 2009.  Her belief in healthcare as a human right seems to me as … View full post

Dr. John Soos: trauma in Gaza

Dr. John Soos, clinical psychologist

Dr. John Soos, is a clinical psychologist who describes himself as a spiritual traveller and social justice advocate. Speaking via Skype from Vancouver, Canada he tells us how his pilgrimages to sacred places led him to Gaza where, he and … View full post

Ayeda Ayed introduces Palestinian woman musicians


This month, my guest is Ayeda Ayed, a Palestinian-Canadian expert on the culture of the Arab-speaking world. A performer herself, she speaks to us from Toronto about the Palestinian music scene and introduces us to recordings from its most significant women … View full post

Richard Falk, UNHRC Special Rapporteur on Palestine


Richard Falk is Professor Emeritus of International Law and Practice at Princeton University, a prolific writer and, for six years (2008-2014),  Special Rapporteur on Palestine for the United Nations Human Rights Council. In what is conversation more than interview, we talk … View full post

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Freud’s couch

Yusuf and the story of Batir

Yusuf’s story is relatively simple: before 1967, Batir was in Jordan. After the Six Day War, it became part of Israel’s occupied territories. Until two years ago, Yusuf was able to move and work between Batir and Israel. Today, Batir … View full post

Beggars and begging on blog

Like tipping, the subject of another early Tidings program, begging creates an unequal relationship between giver and receiver, an unbalanced one-way exchange with the amount of money transferred depending on the generosity and intentions of the donor with the receiver having … View full post

Christopher Bollen on “Orient” the mystery novel

Christopher Bollen does not live and work on the North Fork but you wouldn’t know it from his book Orient, a dark mystery novel set in the hamlet of Orient among intrigue, politics, tension and murders. Cameo appearance by Beth Young. Listen to this North Fork Works program … View full post

There’s no such place as home


A personal story in which my two school friends, Midge and Pat, talk about being Third Culture Kids and our life growing up in India and Pakistan and at Woodstock School in Mussoorie. RIP Midge, we love you and miss … View full post

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