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Writing letters (Part II): a conversation with Clare Wigfall

Clare Wigfall

Clare Wigfall, Berlin-based British author of the novel The Loudest Sound and Nothing, and I continue the conversation, begun with Storyacious editor Jenny Bhatt, about handwritten letters, how email can never take their place and how difficult it is, in these times, for letter writing to retain its once important place in our lives. The conversation includes 7-year old Maggie exploring the possibility of becoming a letter writer. (April 9, 2014)

Perhaps listening to these conversations will take you back to your own letter-writing days.  Or perhaps you’ve written and posted a letter today!

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Writing letters (Part I): a conversation with Jenny Bhatt


This is the first of a two-part series on the art, craft and practice of letter writing.  An avid letter writer myself, I invited Jenny Bhatt, a kindred spirit and editor of Storyacious, a fine new literary magazine in which … View full post

Nature Wars: Jim Sterba

Jim Sterba book image

Jim Sterba talks about his book Nature Wars: The Incredible Story of How Wildlife Comebacks Turned Backyards into Battlegrounds  in which he examines the last five hundred years of wildlife plundering, deforestation, conservation and suburban sprawl along with our “denatured” … View full post

Reflections on a passport


Do you know where your passport is?  Listen and you’ll hear my personal reflections along with what my son, grandson and two friends have told me about their feelings about their passports.  Could my neurotic feelings be a legacy from … View full post

Nora Kramer and YEA Camp


Our society trains people to become teachers or athletes or plumbers but Nora Kramer, activist and animal rights worker, argues we should also be training youth to become activists–and explains how Youth Empowered Action (YEA) Camp does just that.

Davey Wreden: The Stanley Parable

Davey Wreden

Davey Wreden, an Indie video game developer living in Austin, Texas, traces the history of the indie game industry and tells the fascinating story of the creation and remake of his own game, The Stanley Parable.   This program was … View full post

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The Story of Leafages

Yet why not say what happened? Here’s everything I have to say about leafages since I made the first one in the year 2000.  The illustrated version of the story was published by the wonderful Storyacious magazine.

Afghan teenagers speak out about US troops

Global Days of Listening is the project of Afghan Peace Volunteers (APV) who invite people around the world to talk directly on the 21st of each month via livestream and Skype sessions with youth in Afghanistan and other war-torn countries, to listen … View full post

My own private letter writer

Now a dying species, letter writers were a staple of Lahore culture when I was growing; they were literate and multilingual in a society where the majority was illiterate.  Despite the competition from technology and literacy, letter writers still survive, … View full post

Begging and Beggars

Begging: a profession? a misfortune? a job? a scourge? a spiritual practice? an industry? a stain on society? freedom of choice? Like tipping, the subject of my previous post, begging creates an unequal relationship between giver and receiver, an unbalanced … View full post

Raza Rumi on Pakistan

Raza Rumi is a Pakistani writer, blogger and political analyst who spoke to me from Lahore, where he lives. He is also an adherent of Sufi thought and adopted the surname “Rumi” as his nom de plume, in tribute to the … View full post

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