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Christina Nichol: Waiting for the Electricity


What a wonderful first novel Christina Nichol has written! Waiting for the Electricity, first published in 2014 by Overlook Press and now available in  paperback, is set in post-Soviet Georgia.  It’s a most unusual story about a strange, fascinating country. If, like me, you knew (almost) nothing about the Republic of Georgia, you’ll know a lot more after you’ve spent this half hour listening to Christina Nichol.  Like me, you may find yourself making plans to go there! (Broadcast on WPKN on November 11, 2015 and produced by Tony Ernst.)

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Raza Rumi on hospitality


A Tidings conversation about hospitality, friendship and loyalty with Raza Rumi, a Pakistani journalist, blogger, author of Delhi by Heart: Impressions of a Pakistani traveller and follower of Sufi thought.  The subject of hospitality holds a certain irony for Raza … View full post

Beggars and begging


In this newly updated version, here are lively conversations and commentary about beggars and begging, a subject I discovered was far deeper and provocative than I could have known before I embarked on this exploration.” More at this illustrated Tidings blog.

Jenny Nordberg: The Underground Girls of Kabul

Underground Girls of Kabul

Jenny Nordberg talks about her just published and most fascinating book The Underground Girls of Kabul: in search of a hidden resistance in Afghanistan. The book tells her discovery of bacha posh, a secret, hidden practice in which parents disguise … View full post

Christopher Calderhead: calligrapher, author teacher

Christopher Calderhead

Christopher Calderhead, a very well-known New York City-based calligrapher, author and teacher talks about the history, practice and philosophy of calligraphy, from before the advent of the printing press to the contemporary tradition of graffiti. (Broadcast on WPKN radio on … View full post

Shireen Pasha, Pakistani documentary filmmaker


Shireen Pasha is a notable documentary film maker and head of the film department of Pakistan’s National College of Arts. We sat together in Lahore after coming back from South Punjab where we’d gone to document the rebuilding and resettling … View full post

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Yusuf and the story of Batir

Yusuf’s story is relatively simple: before 1967, Batir was in Jordan. After the Six Day War, it became part of Israel’s occupied territories. Until two years ago, Yusuf was able to move and work between Batir and Israel. Today, Batir … View full post

Beggars and begging on blog

Like tipping, the subject of another early Tidings program, begging creates an unequal relationship between giver and receiver, an unbalanced one-way exchange with the amount of money transferred depending on the generosity and intentions of the donor with the receiver having … View full post

Christopher Bollen on “Orient” the mystery novel

Christopher Bollen does not live and work on the North Fork but you wouldn’t know it from his book Orient, a dark mystery novel set in the hamlet of Orient among intrigue, politics, tension and murders. Cameo appearance by Beth Young. Listen to this North Fork Works program … View full post

There’s no such place as home


A personal story in which my two school friends, Midge and Pat, talk about being Third Culture Kids and our life growing up in India and Pakistan and at Woodstock School in Mussoorie. RIP Midge, we love you and miss … View full post

When Jews Found Refuge in Pakistan

Growing Up Jewish in Lahore — And in an Internment Camp COURTESY OF HAZEL KAHAN Not Your Typical German Anti-Nazis: From left, Hazel Kahan, her mother Kate, and her brother Michael, in Lahore, Pakistan, in 1948.   By Gabe Friedman Published October … View full post

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