Writing letters (Part II): a conversation with Clare Wigfall

Clare Wigfall, Berlin-based British author of the novel The Loudest Sound and Nothing, and I continue the conversation, begun with Storyacious editor Jenny Bhatt, about handwritten letters, how email can never take their place and how difficult it is, in these times, for letter writing to retain its once important place in our lives. The conversation includes 7-year old Maggie exploring the possibility of becoming a letter writer. (April 9, 2014)

Perhaps listening to these conversations will take you back to your own letter-writing days.  Or perhaps you’ve written and posted a letter today!

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  1. Aamer Iqbal says:

    Thank you for this Hazel. The conversations were a delight to listen to. Oddly enough I still like to receive a handwritten letter in an envelope with a postage stamp on it, while a trip to the post office seems such a hassle! So it’s to email, and as Clare would write one like a regular letter, that is the next best thing for me. Imagine my peeve when in reply to a letter-like email I get a one or two sentence chat lingo affair. Neither gr8 nor F9!

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