Avigail Abarbanel: “Liberate our language!”

Israel-born and -bred psychotherapist and activist, Avigail Abarbanel, brings her psychological expertise to analyze how changing the language we use can fundamentally alter the way we understand human and geopolitical relationships, with particular reference to Israel’s settler-colonialism in Palestine. This conversation is a continuation of Avigail’s article The Palestine-Israel language trap published in mondoweiss.net on (Produced by Tony Ernst and broadcast on WPKN on September 14, 2016.)

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2 Responses to Avigail Abarbanel: “Liberate our language!”

  1. Brendan Stephens says:

    Excellent, informative, real, truthful and a damning indictment of Israel, its supporters in the west. Deconstructs the hasbara narrative and lays bare the endemic racism within Israel and the culture of Jewish exceptionalism underpinning this

  2. Bev Lloyd says:

    Informative and truthful which helps deconstruct the narrative surrounding the Israeli -Palestine situation in terms of the language used to describe it and thereby exposes the underlying racism that helps to sustain it.

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