Links to ancient family films

Films of our family in 1960 right before and after Danny was born.  My parents had given Keir and me a movie camera for a wedding present.

Warning: these films are only interesting if you know Danny, Keir, Iain  or me or if you want to look at uninformative film of Notting Hill Gate c. 1960. Otherwise you’ll find them pretty boring.

1.  We lived at 51 Lansdowne Road, London W.11 before Danny was born.

2.  1959 Featuring a banana and cigarettes:

3.  Uploaded by  on Jan 30, 2010:  “Some ancient home movies featuring: Ian, Hazel, Keir, Vera, Horace, Danny and various other members of the Gregory Clan. Filmed in London and environs, on 8mm, a half century ago. All music is from some of the hit singles recorded by my uncle, Iain (then ‘Iain’) Gregory, produced by the legendary Joe Meek.”





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