A House in Lahore

I’ve been writing my memoir A House in Lahore which I couldn’t complete until I returned to Lahore.  I had to find out if the house, which I never really left even though I hadn’t seen it for forty years, was still there.  It was, very much so, but altered, so altered!

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  1. Dorothee Knauß says:

    Hallo Hazel,
    this morning I watched with my mother Maya your Shop of leafages. We are very interrested in your cards. Is it possible to get some?
    Regards from Maya and Dorothee

  2. Scherry says:


    Have you published this book? I would really love if you would, it is so important for people to know how history developed from the human angle.

    Best wishes

  3. Ali says:


    It was very interesting and truly amazing to read your family’s story about Lahore. I am also from Lahore.

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