A House in Lahore

I’ve been writing my memoir A House in Lahore which I couldn’t complete until I returned to Lahore.  I had to find out if the house, which I never really left even though I hadn’t seen it for forty years, was still there.  It was, very much so, but altered, so altered!

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  1. Dorothee Knauß says:

    Hallo Hazel,
    this morning I watched with my mother Maya your Shop of leafages. We are very interrested in your cards. Is it possible to get some?
    Regards from Maya and Dorothee

  2. Scherry says:


    Have you published this book? I would really love if you would, it is so important for people to know how history developed from the human angle.

    Best wishes

  3. Ali says:


    It was very interesting and truly amazing to read your family’s story about Lahore. I am also from Lahore.

  4. Akhtar Hamid says:

    Hi, Hazel:

    I just posted a comment on your piece on Letter Writers. You and I, and your brother, Michael, and my three brothers and three cousins all grew up together in the same neighborhood, with one hedge dividing our homes. I have said more about this in my comment, please look at it. I would like to get in touch with you. Please let me have your personal email. I am now retired from the World Bank, where incidentally I once came across a cousin of yours, and live in McLean, VA.

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