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Beggars and begging on blog

Like tipping, the subject of another early Tidings program, begging creates an unequal relationship between giver and receiver, an unbalanced one-way exchange with the amount of money transferred depending on the generosity and intentions of the donor with the receiver having … View full post

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Christopher Bollen on “Orient” the mystery novel

Christopher Bollen does not live and work on the North Fork but you wouldn’t know it from his book Orient, a dark mystery novel set in the hamlet of Orient among intrigue, politics, tension and murders. Cameo appearance by Beth Young. Listen to this North Fork Works program … View full post

There’s no such place as home


A personal story in which my two school friends, Midge and Pat, talk about being Third Culture Kids and our life growing up in India and Pakistan and at Woodstock School in Mussoorie. RIP Midge, we love you and miss … View full post

When Jews Found Refuge in Pakistan

Growing Up Jewish in Lahore — And in an Internment Camp COURTESY OF HAZEL KAHAN Not Your Typical German Anti-Nazis: From left, Hazel Kahan, her mother Kate, and her brother Michael, in Lahore, Pakistan, in 1948.   By Gabe Friedman Published October … View full post

The Story of Leafages

Yet why not say what happened? Here’s everything I have to say about leafages since I made the first one in the year 2000.  It was published by the wonderful Storyacious magazine.

Afghan teenagers speak out about US troops

Global Days of Listening is the project of Afghan Peace Volunteers (APV) who invite people around the world to talk directly on the 21st of each month via livestream and Skype sessions with youth in Afghanistan and other war-torn countries, to listen … View full post

My own private letter writer

Now a dying species, letter writers were a staple of Lahore culture when I was growing; they were literate and multilingual in a society where the majority was illiterate.  Despite the competition from technology and literacy, letter writers still survive, … View full post

Begging and Beggars

Begging: a profession? a misfortune? a job? a scourge? a spiritual practice? an industry? a stain on society? freedom of choice? Like tipping, the subject of my previous post, begging creates an unequal relationship between giver and receiver, an unbalanced … View full post

Raza Rumi on Pakistan

Raza Rumi is a Pakistani writer, blogger and political analyst who spoke to me from Lahore, where he lives. He is also an adherent of Sufi thought and adopted the surname “Rumi” as his nom de plume, in tribute to the … View full post

New crop of leafages


The latest here and more here

Tidings from leafages


Earlier this year Alon Goshen-Gottstein, my father’s neighbor in Jerusalem who also became my friend, asked if I would make one of my leafages for an upcoming gathering–Friendship across Religions–of world religious leaders being planned in Oxford by his Elijah Interfaith Institute.  It was for … View full post

Tidings blog archive

You can see earlier (2007-2010) Tidings blog posts here.

How much? Never ask, never tell!

Don’t step on the crass   I was driving with a friend in her newly acquired used car.  She was proud of the low mileage and so I said: “It’s really nice.  How much did you pay for it?”  She missed … View full post

What is dying like?

For a few months now I have been wondering what does it feel like to be dying?  We can describe our own hunger, joy, pain, fear, excitement, fatigue, so why shouldn’t we also be able to describe our own dying? … View full post

Credo: Beyond Tribal Loyalties

“Once you know, once you no longer have the luxury of ignorance, you have to take a stand.”  – Mother, peaceful protester and protagonist of Just Vision’s new film series  Home Front: Portraits from Sheikh Jarrah My thoughts exactly–as reflected in “An … View full post

Israel through the eyes of a psychotherapist

Avigail Abarbanel is an Israeli-born psychotherapist who migrated to Australia in 1991. A few months ago, she and her husband moved to the Scottish Highlands where they plan to set up their counseling practice. I spoke with Avigail from her home … View full post

What makes an activist?

  Lately, I’ve been curious about why some people become activists while others look on from the sidelines, unmoved by situations that a committed activist finds intolerable.We’re all against oppression and injustice and we all believe human rights are hugely … View full post

Dark tourism: a good or bad thing?

  What is it and who are the dark tourists? It seems that we humans are hardwired to leave our hearths and homes every now and then to discover what else lies beyond the horizon. So we turn into tourists … View full post

Begging and beggars

Begging: a profession? a misfortune? a job? a scourge? a spiritual practice? an industry? a stain on society? freedom of choice? Like tipping, the subject of my previous post, begging creates an unequal relationship between giver and receiver, an unbalanced … View full post

TIPPING: do we have to?

Full disclosure.  I don’t think tipping is a good thing and I don’t like what it does to people. I also believe that hardly anybody except for a few scattered bloggers will agree with me. Tipping is deeply embedded in American … View full post

DISAPPEARED: The Palestine Olive Tree

  You can’t make olive oil without olives and you can’t get olives without olive trees and you can’t have olive trees without land and you can’t get abundant harvests of olives from these trees without the farmers who know … View full post

Lifting the veil over Cuba

For the podcast of this interview, please link here. Forbidden Cuba! Hidden by a veil of myths and misconceptions, romanticized, villified, desirable, tempting, waiting… Most Americans have never been to Cuba and many, many would very much like to. Others say … View full post

So you think you’re not creative??

Just because you think you’re not creative doesn’t mean you aren’t! Water is H20, hydrogen two parts, oxygen one, But there is also a third thing that makes it water And nobody knows what that is. D. H. Lawrence, The Third Thing … View full post

There’s no such place as home!

With love and in memory of Midge.  Requiescat in pace.  We miss you a lot. This is a personal story, based on conversations with my school friends from a very far away place and a very long ago time. Midge, … View full post

Reflections on a passport

My parents had four passports between 1933 and 1972: Polish, German, Pakistani and Israel. I can’t imagine not knowing where my passport is.  When I travel I am as obsessive-compulsive as I ever get, exasperating myself as I check and recheck … View full post

Zatoun: the story of Palestinian olive oil

The Israeli Occupation of Palestine land is an enemy of the olive tree and the olive farmer not only because of the degraded circumstances under which growing, picking and pressing take place but because of Israel’s ongoing policy of uprooting the olive trees, one of the many catastrophic weapons of occupation. View full post