Writing letters (Part I): a conversation with Jenny Bhatt

This is the first of a two-part series on the art, craft and practice of letter writing.  An avid letter writer myself, I invited Jenny Bhatt, a kindred spirit and editor of Storyacious, a fine new literary magazine in which I’d read her essay on writing letters, for a conversation about the significance of letters and the part they have played in each of our lives.   (Produced by Tony Ernst and first broadcast on WPKN March 12, 2014)


Next month, the conversation will continue with Clare Wigfall, a British Berlin-based writer.

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3 Responses to Writing letters (Part I): a conversation with Jenny Bhatt

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  2. Julie Lane says:

    Like your mom, Hazel, my mom kept my letters and I must admit that as a young adult, rereading what I had written, I was shocked. They were primarily letters from college filled with bring me, buy me, get me . . . .
    I would nver have imagined myself so selfish and self-centered and would like to think that it was a product of my age!
    I fear letter writing is becoming even more rare as kids today are so focused on texting!

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